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Sarmarie Designs is a collaboration between two highly creative individuals – Sarmarie and her partner Jeremy. Together they create a perfect balance between spontaneity and structure to deliver modern sophisticated artwork at the cutting edge of the creative world.

Sarmarie Designs’ print range is a marriage of traditional art and the high tech. Sarmarie recognises the creative limitations of one off paintings, and of paint itself. Breaking out of the traditional artists mould Sarmarie Designs takes what originates as paint in a bottle, and Sarmarie's spontaneous mind, and turn it into ultra-modern, high quality, large format artworks.

Sarmarie Designs’ wood range reflects their desire to keep touch with the grass roots of making usable, creative artworks, with their own hands, from natural materials.

Aspects stocks Sarmarie Designs' original wall art, limited editon prints, serving boards, candle holders and coasters.

Made in Western Australia.

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