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Nakamura Chocolates by Nakamura Chocolates


Note: Available for in-store collection only, this is because the quality of the chocolates cannot be preserved when they are shipped. 

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The Nakamura Australian Selection is a beautifully crafted select range of chocolates from chocolatier Yuki Nakamura. The selection is comprised of ten individual chocolates, each with a unique flavour profile and artistic finish. The flavours include:

Strawberry Gum and Aniseed Myrtle: The subtle acid tones of strawberry gum combine with the earthy fullness of dark chocolate to move slowly across the palate.  As the flavours develop, eucalyptus notes come to the forefront followed by the soft flavours of aniseed myrtle.

Davidson Plum and Chestnut: The Davidson plum has a unique clear and delicate sourness that moves to the tip of the tongue, producing a scintillating highlight that sits atop the full bitter flavour of the dark chocolate ganache.

Finger lime and Coconut: From Pemberton in the South-West of WA, this Australian finger lime produces an exquisitely clear lime flavour which dances playfully through the full and earthy flavours of coconut and dark chocolate.

Coastal Rosemary and Jarrah Honey: In this gold-medal winning chocolate the distinct sweetness of fresh jarrah honey lingers on the front of the palate as the undertones of coastal rosemary and milk chocolates slowly develop into a full-bodied richness that leaves the impression of a warm summer day.

Lemon Myrtle and Eucalyptus: A dark chocolate ganache has been infused with tones of lemon myrtle. Eucalyptus adds cool notes to the top of the palate as the deep richness of the dark chocolate and ganache.

Riberry and Spiced Orange: The full musty clove like flavour of riberries combines with spices to add a perfect layer of warmth under the fruity tones of orange. As the flavours develop the slight tartness of the riberries forms on the top of the palate to add a refreshing highlight.

Forest Mint and Mango: The subtle flavour of Australian forest mint sits a top of the fine floral and fruity tones of the mango. Together they form a refreshing flavour that is well supported by the bitter-sweet dark chocolate.

Murray River Pink Salt Caramel: The Murray River Region produces a pink salt with unique minerals. This salt has a delightful softness that combines wonderfully with perfectly balanced caramel.

Roasted Wattle Seed and Macadamia Nut: In this Royal Show Champion Chocolate the round clean flavour of sweet Australian macadamia nuts is perfectly balanced against the slightly bitter earthiness of roasted wattle seeds and a dark chocolate ganache. This is a truly unique Australian flavour combination.

Quandong and Blood Peach: Quandong gives the milk chocolate a slight bitterness and earthiness that underlies the warm fruity tones of blood peach. Together these create a full soft flavour that melts across the whole palate.

About the Artist:
Upon returning from Paris to Tokyo, Taihei Nakamura brought home a box of chocolates for his six year old daughter, Yuki Nakamura. With this chocolatier Nakamura's passion for chocolates was born. After several years in Canada exploring her passion, she completed her formal training at Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School after which she took a position in the kitchen of Choux Café. Yuki continued to practice and study, honing her skills, designs and recipes, then treating people to her unique luscious fillings set in beautifully crafted chocolates. It wasn’t until her move to Australia that she decided to share her chocolates with all, opening Nakamura Chocolates.

Chocolates are a joy of life. Each piece embodies centuries of tradition, expressed by the skill and personal touch of the chocolate artisan. The experience of a chocolate is not only of luxury and superb ingredients, but also of beautiful packaging and the practice of true service. So much does Yuki Nakamura believe in these values as a C chocolatier, that she uses her most precious symbols to guarantee them: her family name and crest. 


Packet contents 10 chocolates per box, each with a different design and flavour
Ingredients Full ingredients listed on box
Note Available for in-store collection only
Packaging Beautifully presented in a gift box
Origin Made in Western Australia

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