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F!NK + Co. is the promise of modern design excellence, uniting the utmost respect for the design ethic, the quality craftsmanship of yesterday’s artisans, the innovation of modern manufacturing techniques and the wit and rigour of designer-founder Robert Foster.

Founded in 1993 to manufacture beautifully-designed and innovative household objects, F!NK is not just a showcase for Foster’s internationally-renowned exhibition pieces, but a production house for the work of an increasing pool of young designers, and a name synonymous with spirited and distinctive Australian design.

F!NK products are designed by Australian artists and most of the manufacturing processes occur in the F!NK studio. Each object is individually hand finished which results in an object embedded with its own unique charecteristics—more like a piece of art.

Supremely functional but never mundane, no two F!NK pieces are exactly the same; every design is a work of art and none is mass-produced. Each article is created in relatively small batches of 20 to 100 units at a time, and each is individually hand-finished in the F!NK studio/workshop.

From the iconic F!NK Water Jug to the ‘squashed’ Storage Vessels, F!NK melds refined craftsmanship with shapes and colours largely inspired by the Australian landscape – tropical corals, fish and anemones, endless blue skies, vast ancient deserts.

Aspects stocks F!NK + Co’s range of homewares and jewellery.

Made in Australia.

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