Dinosaur Designs' 'Riverstone' collection by Dinosaur Designs


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Dinosaur Designs’ Creative Directors Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy are excited to introduce their new collection Riverstone, a collection of jewellery and homewares.

The smooth rocky forms found on the riverbeds have inspired Riverstone. The collection features a rich, dense palette of burgundy and forest green laced with pale mineral swirls, and a chalky white, with touches of black and creamy earthy tones.

Riverstone’s jewellery designs explore the natural beauty of rocks and the formations they create. Mineral Drop Earrings and the Long Mineral Bracelet are a new addition, featuring a golden rock bead sitting amongst a string of Dinosaur Designs’ signature resin pebbles. The Rock Garden Earrings, with their mismatched rock form stud, are wabi sabi nature inspired. And classics such as the Round Rock Bangle take on a new dimension as golden pebbles have gently been embedded into the resin, evoking a glistening riverbed. 

In the homewares, Skipping Stones vases take centre stage, mimicking the smooth, curved forms of matt and polished river stones.  The collection features a stunning new burgundy drip, where painterly drops of white pigment have been artfully applied, and a new butter knife and butter plate rendered in artful, sculptural forms.

Aspects is proud to stock WA's largest range of Dinosaur Designs' resin homewares, resin jewellery and metal jewellery.

Dinosaur Designs' resin pieces are made in Australia.

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