Dinosaur Designs' 'Lapis Landscape' collection by Dinosaur Designs


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Dinosaur Designs’ Creative Directors Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy introduce their new collection Lapis Landscape.  

Lapis Landscape features a rich, earthy palette balanced by creamy ivory swirl, with clay hues inspired by the red sands of Central Australia and gold tone accents. Anchoring the collection is the lapis blue; its colour is electrifying and intense. Together these hues create a harmonious interconnection, strengthened by their sculptural forms.

Strong, bold new pieces have been developed in the jewellery and homewares. The Horn vase and Organic Column vases are new iconic shapes, building on the classic Beetle bowls and Pearl dishes.

In the jewellery collection, Long Flute earrings and Circle Drop earrings make new statement jewels. Olsen continues to push the boundaries through her design of elevated jewellery pieces which combine brass and resin, as seen in the elegant Horn series of earrings, rings and cuffs.

“I was inspired by the incredible jewel-like depths of the colour Lapis, and then discovered it’s been associated with wisdom and truth throughout our history. The symbolism seemed perfect for our times, and I was also fascinated by the relationship between the ochre sand tones of central Australia and the creamy white sands of Sydney, all of which translate perfectly to our handmade resin pieces.”  - Louise Olsen

Aspects is proud to stock WA's largest range of Dinosaur Designs' resin homewares, resin jewellery and metal jewellery.

Dinosaur Designs' resin pieces are made in Australia.

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