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Dean Malcolm has been wood turning since he built his first lathe out of an old lawnmower at age 14!

After completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Industrial Design, Dean started with small craft woodturning and has progressed through to production work, commissions and exhibition pieces.

The work produced in the workshop of Dean Malcolm is greatly varied, from intricately turned and carved boxes, bowls, hollow vessels, fine furniture pieces and exquisite contemporary decorative works.

Dean’s recent work takes him on an exploration of computer numeric control (CNC). After dismantling old computer controlled machines such as photocopiers and photographic mini-labs, and salvaging their working parts, he has been able to build customised woodworking machines. This new direction combined with Dean’s experience in 3D computer design is opening up many exciting possibilities.

Dean’s work is mostly made from common native timbers, such as Jarrah, Sheoak and Marri. Wood is a natural material which provides the unique grain and colour for every product.

The timber Dean uses comes from a range of locally sourced materials, such as salvaged timber from private property and land development, recycled timber from buildings, stockyards and fences, local sawmills and local timber retailers. Very little of Dean’s wood is wasted, with off cuts warming him during the winter and the sawdust used for his garden!

Aspects stocks Dean Malcolm's homewares, giftware and jewellery.

Made in Western Australia.

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