Brooch - Waxflower

Esperance Waxflower Brooch

Nina spent her formative years growing up in the bush in Tasmania, a creative soul absorbing the beauty of the natural world. She developed a deep love and fascination for this environment, and now, residing in Melbourne, her botanical inspired work is a way of capturing and honouring that early connection and delight.

To evoke that feeling of delight and also achieve a level of fine detail, the work is created employing labour intensive processes. Steel sheet is hand cut. The fine lines as a texture, are punched using a small handmade chisel, which was forged from hardened steel. This process creates lines with a beautiful irregularity within their pattern, similar to nature’s beautiful random imperfections; no two elements will ever be exactly the same.

WA Flora: Chamelaucium axillare 

Origin: Made in Australia

Materials: Fine silver, mild steel, enamel

Dimensions: 15 x 9 x 2.5cm