Aboriginal Six Seasons Essentail Oils

The Noongar seasons have always been a part of Aboriginal life and like time itself, the six Noongar seasons represent a predictable timetable of foreseeable events. Acknowledgement that nothing is unconnected and each change is being influenced by the last.

100% pure essential oil. Add toe to four drops to water in your diffuser or oil burner.

Birak blend
A great blend to soothe and relax with. 
Eucalyptus lemon, lavender, kunzea oil, sandalwood oil, palmarosa, buddha wood, orange, lemon and rosalina oil.

Bunuru blend
A great blend for calming, balance and a positive outlook. 
Lemon myrtle, rosalina oil, eucalyptus lemon, white cypress wood, sandalwood oil and lavender.

Djeran blend
A great blend for soothing stress and tension. 
Honey myrtle, rosalina oil, lemon, mandarin, jasmine, buddha wood, white cypress wood, and eucalyptus peppermint.

Makuru blend
A great blend for assisting with a good nights sleep. 
Sandalwood oil, lemon, rose geranium, orange oil, geranium, kunzea oil and rosalina oil.

Djilba blend
An uplifting aroma to assist with clear thinking. 
Eucalyptus narrow leaf peppermint, eucalyptus broad leaf peppermint, eucalyptus lemon, lavender and white cypress wood.

Kambarang blend
A great grounding and relaxing aroma.
Boronia absolute, sandalwood oil, rosalina oil, palmarosa, mandarin and lavender.

Origin: Made in Western Australia

Materials: 100% pure essential oils

Volume/Weight: 25ml