Mamarra Soap

Drawing on traditional bush recipes passed down to Bush Medijina by their elders, Mamarra (small leaved paperbark) leaves are combined with organic coconut oil and their natural soap base. This lemon-scented soap is a refreshing, gentle body cleanser, suitable for everyday use.

Mamarra (small leaved paperbark) 
Mamarra trees are found in billabongs and wetlands on Groote Eylandt. Elders taught others to steep their leaves in water to soothe their bodies. Mamarra wood was used by Anindiliyakwa men to make canoes and the bark was traditionally used by women to make coolamons to carry their babies.

Origin: Made in Australia

Volume/Weight: 120g

Ingredients: Organic natural soap base, coconut oil (refined) (certified organic ACO), Melaleuca cajuputi (small leaved paperbark) extract, lemon oil (100% organic ACO/USDA)