Mamaburra Soap

Found in abundance on Groote Eylandt, Mamaburra (wild peach) trees are prized for both the delicious fruit they bear and their traditional uses. The rich hue of the Mamaburra bark gives this soap its gorgeous colour, and its peppermint fragrance makes it a refreshing addition to your daily routine.

Mamaburra (wild peach)
Mamaburra trees grow in the bush, and are loved for their fruit, and their usefulness in soothing the skin. These trees grow abundantly on Groote Eylandt, and in addition to their use in traditional recipes, elders use the inner bark to repair cracks and holes in their canoes. The rich red colour of the bark gives many of Bush Medijina's products their ruddy colour, reflecting the palette of the land. The dried bark is also used as an exfoliant in their scrubs.

Origin: Made in Australia

Volume/Weight: 120g

Ingredients: Organic natural soap base, coconut oil (refined) (certified organic ACO), Terminalia carpentaria (wild peach), peppermint oil (100% organic ACO/USDA)