Marine Plants of Australia



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Marine Plants of Australia
John M. Huismann

To most people, the mention of marine plants conjures up images of rotting seaweeds piled high on the beach, or slithering threateningly around bare ankles during a paddle in the shallows. Certainly, the seaweeds do not inspire the imagination or the romanticism that is usually associated with the sea. 'Marine Plants of Australia' might well alter that perception.

This second edition illustrates over 600 species of Australia's underwater plant life, mostly using underwater photographs that reveal the amazing colours and intricate patterns found in this largely unknown realm of life. Imagine plants with blue foliage that turns red in the dark, or iridescent plants, or plants that look like rocks painted in shades of pink.

There are seaweeds with the consistency of jelly, or with fronds that form an intricate mesh that rivals the best lace. These plants have evolved a startling myriad of shapes, colours and patterns that will impress everyone who views them — underwater, or through the pages of this book.

Dimensions: H 27cm x W 21cm

ISBN: 9781760800338

Publisher: UWA Publishing

Publication Date: 2019

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 456