A Celebration of Wattle

A Celebration of Wattle: Australia's National Emblem
Maria Hitchcock

Wattle is the best known and most loved of all our native flora. However, few Australians are aware of the important part wattle has played in the nation's history and continues to play in bringing us together in good times and bad as a symbol of our being Australian.

'A Celebration of Wattle' is a revised edition of Wattle (AGPS 1991). It expands on that earlier book with some changes. New features include Wattle Day memories and a wealth of suggestions for schools and the community to help them celebrate future Wattle Days. There are additional poems in the anthology and special sections have been inserted outlining a brief history of the Wattle Day Association, the amazing story of the Hiroshima connection, an explanation of the botanical battle for Australia's retention of the name Acacia and a detailed summary of the debate about wattle and allergies.

Dimensions: H 24cm x W 18cm

ISBN: 9781921719561

Publisher: Rosenberg Publishing

Publication Date: 2012

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 240