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Leaf Litter: Exploring the Mysteries of a Hidden World

Leaf Litter: Exploring the Mysteries of a Hidden World View larger


Rachel Tonkin

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Put simply, Leaf Litter is Stephen Beisty's Cross-Sections meets Where's Wally with lift-the-flaps - from an ecological point of view! In a time when respect for and understanding of our environment are paramount, Leaf Litter is an excellent introduction to the intricate and complex relationships that exist in our natural world. Leaves, twigs, branches and bark collect on the ground in forests all over the world. We call it leaf litter, but it isn't really rubbish at all. If you look closely at leaf litter you will discover a world of animals and plants living side by side, a busy secret world we hardly ever see.

In this exquisitely illustrated book, award-winning author/illustrator Rachel tonkin explores a small patch of leaf litter beneath one tree, which contains a hidden world that changes day by day. the more you look, the more amazing things you will find.

Ages 5+


ISBN 9780207198441
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers (Australia)
Published 2010
Format Paperback
Number of pages 32
Dimensions H 36.5cm x W 23.5cm

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