Hipster Baby Names

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Tobias Anthony

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Do you live in the inner city and own a fixed-gear bicycle? Do you have a passion for all things bespoke and esoteric? Have you ever thought taxidermy might make a suitably ironic yet intriguing hobby?

Most importantly, are you expecting a baby?

From historical figures and Greek mythology to literary references and pop-culture icons, 'Hipster Baby Names' has hand-picked the 322 names that will become the trendiest monikers on the playground in the years ahead.  

About the Author
Tobias Anthony wanted us to stress that he is not a hipster. He lives in inner-city Melbourne, Australia, is completing his PhD in English literature and teaches creative writing at a university. Oh, and he rides a bike and wears a moustache. So...yeah.


ISBN 9781925418064
Publisher Smith Street Books
Published 2016
Format Hardback
Number of pages 96
Dimensions H 19cm x W 16.5cm

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