Sarah Bourke

Sarah Bourke is a designer maker of contemporary silver and wood jewellery. Sarah studied at the Enmore Design Centre in Sydney completing a Jewellery and Object Design Diploma. She esatblished her jewellery range in 2012.

Sarah's home studio is located on the far south coast of NSW, just north of the small coastal town of Tathra. Her studio is surrounded by the beautiful Australian spotted gum bush. Sarah's work reflects a passion for nature in which each design blossoms the fluidity from the natural environment. The combination of silversmithing and woodworking skills creates a contemporary jewellery style. Each piece is handmade by Sarah in her off-grid studio, using recycled sterling silver and ethically sourced hardwoods.

Sarah uses woodworking and silversmithing techniques in her practice to combine wood with the silver. Starting from an individual block of wood, she hand-carves and hand-sands the wood to create the organic form. The process continues by fixing the silver and wood together, creating harmony between the materials, resulting in fluid individual shapes that could be a pair of earrings or hung on silver as a necklace.

The wood Sarah uses has been sourced though many ethical means. Some pieces are made from beautiful pieces of wood saved from larger woodcraft makers, as well as reclaimed old wooden furniture.

Made in Australia.

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