Kim Wallace Ceramics

Kim Wallace Ceramics is a boutique ceramics studio based in Noosa, Queensland. They make a collection of functional and decorative objects entirely by hand, from plates and bowls to vases and reusable takeaway cups, that are as beautiful as they are useful.

Kim Wallace Ceramics are makers at heart. Their studio is home to a growing team of creatives - potters, glazers, designers and thinkers; each bringing a unique skill set to work everyday. They love what they do, and make objects they see a need for and use in their own homes.

All of Kim Wallace Ceramics' pieces are made in-house, by hand, using clays sourced from the Australian landscape. The pieces are fired to the highest stoneware temperatures with food-safe glazes to ensure the most durable, functional products possible.

Owned and run by Kim Wallace, their studio is a lovely and busy space. Their ceramics are well loved by some of the best-known chefs of Australia, with delicious dishes being served up on their handmade pieces at Aria Sydney, The Opera Bar, Ormeggio at the Spit, Ricky's Noosa, Cape Lodge Margaret River and many more.

"Born and raised in a small town in the Netherlands, I have been calling Australia home since 2000. I have been passionate about art and craft for as long as I can remember, and have completed many arts-based courses throughout the years involving painting, ceramics and drawing.

My professional background is in graphic design (which I love) however after nearly ten years in the industry, working almost exclusively via computer, I found myself missing the process of creating something by hand. As a result I made the decision in 2008 to leave my job as senior designer at a boutique design studio and before long found myself elbow-deep in mud and happier than ever. I haven't looked back since!"

Made in Australia.

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