Grafa Garden

Travis made his first copper gardening tool in 2011. A passionate gardener, he was inspired by the work of the Austrian naturalist movement, which showed that using copper tools could benefit soils in agriculture.

Travis found a handy supply of copper tubing and sheets being thrown away at building sites and so, he designed and made his first prototype: ‘tube’.

Since then his elegant range of artisan digging tools has evolved to incorporate timber-handled designs and other unique variations. “I love working with copper,” he says. “It’s an extraordinary metal. Malleable enough to shape into interesting and organic curves but strong enough to last you a lifetime in the garden.”

Grafa garden tools are locally made using available copper, bronze and hardwood timber materials. Most of the copper is up-cycled, leftover tube from construction sites around Melbourne. Copper is used mainly because it is malleable enough to shape but is still strong enough to handle years in the garden. It is also infinitely recyclable; even 50% of new copper is made from recycled copper.

The tools were also specifically designed with organic gardening principles in mind because copper does not rust and its properties are found to promote growth and nutrient uptake.

Made in Australia.

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