Ellume Life

Ellume Life began from Elwyn Morgan's desire to combine her skills in photography and textiles with her love of the natural world and an innate need to create. An arts degree, secondary teaching, her faith and a love of travel have all informed her work. Elwyn aims to tread lightly on this earth and provide a more sustainable option for people who care how their purchases affect our planet and the people involved in textile production around the world.

The Ellume Life range celebrates the colours, beauty and forms found in the environments Elwyn has been privileged to spend time in - her garden, the Australian bush and many other countries around the world. Her hope is that these designs will illume your life, literally “to decorate, embellish, ornament, grace, adorn, beauty, make resplendent or brighten with light.”

Ellume Life uses sustainable (natural and recycled) fibres like hemp/organic cotton blends. Hemp enriches its soil, saves water and produces 2-4 times more fibre per area than other sources. Elwyn uses environmentally friendly, solvent free inks to print the designs.

Made in Western Australia.

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