Edith Rewa

Edith Rewa Barrett is an Australian-based illustrator and textile designer. Edith splits her time between client commissions (in  publishing, stationary, fashion and design), exhibition work and her own label, Edith Rewa.

Edith studied Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design) (screenprinting major) at RMIT, Melbourne, with a brief sojourn to the Estonian Academy of the Arts. A job at a commercial print design studio took her to Sydney for three years before she moved to the Blue Mountains to work full time on her label  with collections 'Fossick' and 'Field Trip'. Edith is now based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Edith creates hand-illustrated silk scarves which showcase native Australian plants. She likes to think of them as wearable silk plant companions, to be worn when needing to feel fierce and beautiful and connected to our natural world. Edith's work is grounded in protecting the diversity of Australia’s natural environments. She is always looking for new ways to entwine the worlds of traditional botany with the contemporary art and design space whilst exhibiting native plantscapes that are particularly under represented or known. Edith transfers her drawings of plants and place that may not always be geographically or seasonally accessible in our daily lives, onto cloth and paper, making a place to keep memories and plants alive in a different dimension.

Edith cherishes illustrating by hand and taking the time to capture the spirit of a chosen subject. She combines both traditional illustrative practices by hand and the use of digital mediums, playing with scanned work to create compositions and textile repeats on the computer. Edith's drawings, paintings and patterns are a culmination of time spent in different landscapes sketching, observing and markmaking. Illustrations from the field are translated through her imagination in the studio, into a plethora of patterns and compositions which highlight the plants personalities and best features.

Edith is motivated by slow design principles, over seasonal deadlines and trends. She creates from the heart, honouring natural subjects, and a belief that good work takes time. She keeps as as much of her supply chain as local as possible, supporting Australian manufacturing, face to face relationships and minimising extra carbon emissions. The scarves are all proudly illustrated, designed, digitally printed and hemmed locally in Australia. The environment underpins every decision she makes within the brand right down to the carefully considered recycled packaging and waste minimising design mindset and production choices.

Made in Australia.

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