Chris Fryters

Master pewterer Chris Fryters creates innovative and contemporary pewter pieces that are reflective of the Western Australian bush. In a unique partnership with Aspects of Kings Park, Chris has also designed a stunning range of timber pieces utilising waste wood from within Kings Park, so the finished product has a tangible sense of place.

Chris’s background is interesting and varied. He was born in Holland then grew up in Zimbabwe and later trained as a sheet metal worker on a Fokker aircraft in Amsterdam. His formal training in photography, graphic arts and sheet metal led him to a new art form when he learned the age-old craft of working with pewter from a Dutch master who, on retirement, handed on many of his original moulds, some over 100 years old and based on designs dating back to the Middle Ages.

As one of just a handful of pewter craftsmen in Australia, Chris educates people about the difference between cast pewter and mass-produced, machine-made work. To create his free-form style, Chris first makes a forming block carved in wax, plaster or epoxy resin. Then a mould is made from sand, plaster, metal or rubber. Most of the pewter Chris makes is cast using cast-iron moulds.

He has practised the craft of pewter casting for over 30 years and more recently after seeing another avenue for his artistic endeavours, Chris introduced the art of wood-turning which he has successfully combined with his pewter-casting to produce individual and unique pieces.

Chris’s contemporary work has a flowing sculpted sensuality that sets it apart. Coupled with sheoak, jarrah and southern mahogany timber recycled from Kings Park and botanical themes in pewter designs, Chris has produced an authentically Australian range.

Made in Western Australia.

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