Ann Steer

Ann Steer has been a professional artist since 2008. She challenges herself continually to capture the beautiful moments seen and experienced on our West Coast beaches. Using pastel or acrylic as her mediums of choice, Ann’s ultimate goal is to produce paintings that make people stop, pause and escape for a moment, maybe capturing a memory, or just enjoying the beauty in front of them.

Light plays such a big part in her painting process, Ann especially loves that time on the beach when the day is starting to cool, the shadows are creeping past the sand dunes, changing from hues of pinks to purple and blue as the sun sets and you can contemplate the wonderful day that has been had.

“The ocean holds a deep interest for me, it is a fascinating magical beauty. It is a constantly changing mood board, one day dynamic, grey, angry and the next playful, vibrant and blue.

I am drawn to the rhythmic rolling of the waves, the gravitational pull of the tide spilling unique lacework patterns upon the shore, leaving behind hues of lavender blue on the wet sand. Watching the reflections and light glinting on the shore as the sun sets, the colours changing marking the end of the day.

I think about all these things as I paint, it inspires me everyday.”

Ann has been sharing her knowledge by teaching art both locally, interstate and overseas.

Made in Western Australia.

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