Meet the Artist: Vanessa Liebenberg

During the 2021 Kings Park Festival, Aspects is delighted to present the work of local artist Vanessa Libenberg.

Vanessa Liebenberg is a textile designer and artist, living in Western Australia. Her work reflects her current inspiration at various points in her life. With a like for unexpected results, as one finds in life, she likes to not plan too much, but rather allow the building up of her work through layers of different media, technique and pattern. Nature creeps into her work, as the beauty, pattern, colours and intricacies around her astound and inspire.

As part of Aspects’ Meet the Artist program, Vanessa will be in-store demonstrating how her beautiful artworks are created. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Vanessa at work.

Vanessa Liebenberg will be in-store:

Friday 24 September
Saturday 25 September
Sunday 26 September
Monday 27 September

11.00 am – 3.00 pm

Free event

Visit Vanessa Liebenberg's artist page

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