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One Seed is a boutique Australian perfumery, creating original fragrances from 100% natural ingredients, with at least 80% organic content. They are passionate about creating wholly natural products without compromising on beauty or quality. One Seed perfumes are 100% natural, contain a minimum of 80% organic ingredients, are vegan and cruelty-free, and are Australian made.

Each fragrance is inspired by the beauty of life and our connection to nature and each other. Every product is designed, formulated and crafted in their Adelaide studio.

Like the chapters of a book, One Seed fragrances unfold slowly on the skin revealing layers of “the story” over several hours. Each fragrance is unique and will reveal itself uniquely on your skin.

Liz Cook is the founder and perfumer at One Seed. She launched One Seed in 2009 after first building and selling three natural skincare boutiques in South Australia.  She has been a part of the natural and organic beauty world for over fifteen years, formulating natural fragrances for her own brands, as well as for other skincare and wellness brands worldwide. Liz has a passion for organic living and wellness, and, aside from her work with One Seed, is also studying nutritional medicine.

Aspects stocks One Seed's range of perfumes, roll-on perfume concentrates and travel sets.

Made in Australia.

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