A Jewel in the Crown of a Global Biodiversity Hotspot

A Jewel in the Crown of a Global Biodiversity Hotspot. Photo: supplied View larger


Hans Lamber (ed.)

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South-western Australia is region of exquisite landscapes and unique plants, animals and fungi. It was recognised in the 2000's as one of the world's biodiversity hotspots, based on its highly diverse, endemic and threatened flora.

The Greater Perth region is particularly well-known for its species richness and endemism, being home to numerous Declared Rare Flora and Priority species as well as Threatened Ecological Communities. The area of the proposed Yule Brook Regional Park is a veritable epicentre of biodiversity, but is under real threat from encroaching development.

To be able to conserve threatened plant species, the numerous animal and fungi that depend upon them and the habitats they live in, we need to understand their functioning both in the past and present.

‘A Jewel in the Crown of a Global Biodiversity Hotspot’ has been assembled using current research and understanding about the geology, hydrology, soils, flora, fauna, fungi, archaeology, history and other aspects relevant for the establishment of a first-class regional park.

Those who worked to complete this book represent a much larger group determined that the region will be enhanced and protected as a regional park. Current development does not acknowledge the complex hydrology of the area or provide the substantial buffer zones required. We need Yule Brook Reginal Park now to preserve this rich and rare place for the future, before it is too late.  

Edited by Hans Lambers with cover illustration by Philippa Nikulinsky.


ISBN 9780980641745
Publisher Western Australian Naturalists' Club Incorporated
Published 2019
Format Paperback
Number of pages 440
Dimensions H 29.7cm x W 21cm

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