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Narelle Pendlebury is an established West Australian artist with a background in Fine Arts and Art Education. Her paintings include large abstract sea, cloud and waterscapes, as well as mixed media works. These works are often figurative, and explore the themes of dream, flight, symbol and the ocean.

Narelle’s unique mixed media works have developed from a method of working which fuses and extends the processes of drawing, printmaking, painting and textiles, with an emphasis on the interplay of surface, texture and transparent layers.

Narelle’s abstract landscape works explore the themes of land, sea and sky. These are approached from multiple perspectives – horizontal, aerial and topographical – to reflect the nature of the environment and our experience and perceptions of it. In some of these works, navigational maps of the local West Australian coastline are used as a template to investigate the colours, patterns and ‘feel’ of the landscape.

Using extensive layers of dyed and printed materials, acrylic and oil mediums and embossed copper, richly textured surfaces are created, with an emphasis on transparent layers and a unifying pattern. Graphic symbols included reference those used in maps and navigational aids, and sometimes the image is gridded in a similar way to which it is viewed through satellite imagery.

Aspects stocks Narelle Pendlebury’s mixed media artworks in her Land, Sea and Sky series.

Made in Western Australia.

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