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Julie has always enjoyed using the coast as a means of finding inspiration for her work. Its light and colour; its movement and ever changing moods; has given her an endless supply of subject matter.The play of light over the water’s surface or over an undulating dune; impressions of footprints belonging to days gone past; attempting to reflect and capture the beauty of the coastal landscape is what motivates her to paint it!

The excitement of exploring new areas locally and afar is what keeps her stimulated in painting. Of late she has explored the amazing array of salt lakes that Western Australia has to offer, coastal and inland. She has enjoyed exploring these areas and feels working in a more textural application with pastels has given more dimension and excitement in her work.

Her art is a way of showing the beauty of this environment we live in. To see, appreciate and care for what we all take for granted.

Julie has been exhibiting throughout Western Australia in open and invitation only art exhibitions since 1992. Within this time she has received over 100 awards throughout the state.

Aspects stocks a rotating range of Julie Silvester's pastel paintings.

Made in Western Australia.

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