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Dylan Fox is an award-winning Australian landscape photographer.

Having always loved to travel and witness natures finest moments, it was only a matter of time before Dylan started capturing those moments in the form of photographs. It was on a year 12 photography camp where he was assigned the task of capturing a few landscape images for our portfolios. Ever since that first sunrise shoot on Rottnest Island, he has been hooked.

Being a Perth photographer, our coastline has provided Dylan with amazing beaches in which to learn and develop his skills as a photographer. The beaches along the West Australian coast have played a major part in his life and a significant role in his photographic career.

Dylan’s eyes are now forever watching the skies and keeping an eye on local weather maps in hope of capturing something special. The satisfaction of capturing an amazing location under the perfect light is a feeling he strives for constantly. When all the elements come together it makes for a moment in time that he may never forget. Capturing those moments allows Dylan to show people what they may otherwise have missed.

Dylan’s aim is always to capture photographs that provoke emotional connections from those that view them. The photograph must tell a story and truly captivate those that see it.

Aspects stocks a rotating range of Dylan Fox’s limited edition Diasec® mounted prints.

Made in Western Australia.

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