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Dawn Oakford is one of Tasmania’s finest ceramists. She works from her home-based studio in Lenah Valley, producing an extensive range of limited edition, slip-cast tableware, hand-decorated with under glaze colours and fired to 1240C.

One of Dawn’s product ranges draws inspiration from Australian wildlife, particularly endangered species. In this series, angular jugs, cups, teapots and bowls are strikingly decorated with images of such threatened species as the Black Quoll, the Numbat, the Gouldian Finch, the Orange-Bellied Parrot and the Leafy Sea Dragon. This is a popular range offering something unique to those seeking a quality memento of Australia.

Another successful product range entails the creation of specialty teapots for collectors and various group shows across the nation. Dawn’s "one-off" teapots are fresh and adventurous, deriving from her ability to combine several art history favourites in a playful and highly individual manner.

Dawn has always produced items that are linked – sometimes tenuously – with functionality. She continues to stretch those boundaries even further through the creation of more sculptural pieces.

Aspects stocks Dawn Oakford’s range of bird jugs in various sizes, and her wildflower tea sets.

Made in Australia.

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