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Anne’s more than 20 year career in glass began with stained glass. It was a natural development to move to warm glass, to enable more artistic expression. This was achieved with workshops from international and Australian glass artists. A workshop at Canberra Glass works with Klaus Moje and Kirstie Rea, in 2013, resulted in a one year Mentorship with Kirstie. This saw Anne consolidate and develop many of her ideas, particularly developing surface textures. Fuse-casting glass allows the freedom to manipulate the glass in a molten state, alter colour and form using kilns, custom made metal moulds, heat and gravity. Surface treatments by machine or hand can evoke a subtlety of expression, to take advantage of the natural qualities of reflection and refraction that glass allows.

Aspects stocks Anne’s glass tableware, sails, sculptures and totems.

Made in Western Australia.

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