The Forever House: Time Honoured Australian Homes


Cameron Bruhn and Katelin Butler (editors)

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Imagine a home designed and built especially for your family to grow, evolve and create memories in over a lifetime.

The Forever House celebrates twenty-three such dwellings through the intimate stories of the families and architects who created them. Spanning over forty years, from the fifties to the eighties, The Forever House is a roll call of the work of Australia’s most acclaimed architects – from Robin Boyd and Harry Seidler to Glenn Murcutt and Peter Stutchbury. Interiors are authentic, left almost untouched, and offer a true voyeuristic glimpse into the lives of families who in many cases have lived there for decades.

A forever house is flexible but also timeless and as we see, evolves with the changing needs of family life. This feeling of voyeurism is enhanced by Australia’s best architectural photographers who have sensitively captured these homes, as they are today. Archival drawings offer an interesting contrast and the thinking behind the original designs. The beauty of these houses is in their anonymity – they are the unassuming, lesser-known gems of architectural greats. They are suburban explorations – and often served as home to their creators. They are the modernist explorations, remote raw-timber cabins and postmodern rarities rather than the most seminal works. They are houses that you would never want to leave – homes that transcend their era, bring endless delight to daily living and deftly respond to life’s chapters.

The homes gathered together in this volume have been collected individually for the Houses magazine 'Revisited' series.

Editor Information

Cameron Bruhn and Katelin Butler both studied architecture before embarking on careers as writers and editors. Katelin is editor of Houses and Cameron is editorial director of Architecture Media, the magazine’s publisher. Over the past four years they have revisited a timeless home in each issue of Houses, many of which feature in The Forever House. Cameron and Katelin share an interest in the way architects shape the way we live and the way a house, through occupation, becomes a home.


ISBN 9780500500453
Publisher Thames and Hudson
Published 2014
Format Hardback
Number of pages 400
Dimensions H 28.9cm x W 25.8cm

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