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Small World Dreams creator Claire makes a collective line of accessories that are beautiful, functional and, most importantly, eco-friendly and sustainably made for the conscientious woman. Her motives for creating a simple, eco-friendly bag line is inspired by the way in which we live our lives: reusing, recycling and reducing our consumer footprint.

Small World Dreams have created a range exclusively for Aspects of Kings Park, using a selection of Ink and Spindle fabrics, all screen-printed by hand in Melbourne. Ink and Spindle are inspired by Australia’s native flora and fauna, but also the energy of the urban environment in Melbourne. Each print colour is hand-mixed in the studio using water-based, solvent free inks. Their range of base cloths includes blends of organic cotton, hemp, yak and linen.

We stock Small World Dreams' range of bags and accesories using Ink and Spindle fabrics, created exclusively for Aspects.

Made in Australia.

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