Luxe Embossed Wallet by Dosh

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The six card Luxe wallet is ideal for the person on the move. Ultra-slim form factor and quick money access allows for easy carry to get you through your daily grind.

The embossed range brings a new luxurious feel to the Luxe wallet. Dosh has utilized a highly innovative heat pressing technology to transfer the intricate line work of each custom pattern onto the Luxe wallets.

Each Luxe wallet has an integrated money clip hand-crafted from high grade stainless steel.

Suitable for Australian and US bank notes.

About the Artist:
Dosh is a designer men's wallet brand from Sydney, Australia. The Dosh design philosophy is to create functional, innovative products for the modern, style conscious man.


Materials The patented design is molded in TPU - a highly durable, water-resistant polymer material with a luxurious soft feel. Stainless steel.
Dimensions 11cm x 6.8cm x 1.3cm
Packaging Comes in a sturdy, recyclable acrylic box
Origin Made in Australia

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