Hue Scarf by Otto and Spike

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A ladder of colours travel up and down this scarf. As you step from one colour to the next consider for a moment, has the colour got more of a blue hue or a red hue? The slightest hint of one hue can make a colour seem warmer or cooler. A rainbow shows a melting of one hue into another from red through to violet. This scarf incorporates a base colour separating each individual colour allowing it to stand alone as one. Neither black or white are considered colours. A colour is a visible light with a specific wavelength. White light contains all wavelengths of visible light. Black, has no visible light absorbing all the colours of a visible spectrum. Black is the absence of colour.

About the Artist:
Otto and Spike make scarves, hats, accessories and homewares, proudly knitted in Melbourne, Australia.


Materials Premium Australian lambswool
Dimensions L 180cm x W 35cm
Origin Made in Australia

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